A few notes on organizing clothes

For the last 20 something years, I’m probably like a lot of you, ignored organizing things. As long as the drawer can close, it’s mostly fine for me. But the situation with Covid has given me the time to attempt on things that I wouldn’t spend time on before… like organizing clothes properly.

For the longest time I’ve been using just the quick-fold method and the rolling method. But there are serveral issues with each of them:

Issues with folding:

  1. Folded items are meant to be stacked. Putting items on top or bottom of the stacks are easy, but inserting into the middle is not.
  2. Folded items need to be held together to stay folded, either by gravity, or by compression inside a drawer.

Issues with rolling:

  1. Rolled items are not easy to be stacked. If they are stacked, retriving items from the middle is difficult.
  2. Requires careful handling as it’s easy to unroll them.

That said, I need a method that is:

  1. Self-held together and does not become loose over itme.
  2. Stackable and rearrangeable.
  3. At the cost of marginal increase in preperation (folding/rolling) time.

Surprisingly there is perfect method on youtube (chinese); which I’ve summrized below:

  1. Make rectangular shape based on the height, width, depth of the drawer.
  2. Use features from the cloth itself to hold it together.