About me

I am Meng Xuan Xia (夏梦轩), also known as xiamx. I graduated from McGill University with a BSc. in Honours Computer Science. You can find me on Linkedin and Github. My research experience and previous work spans in the domain of Distributed System, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Formal Model Checking.

Here are some of my highlighted projects. You can find the full list under My Projects.

Commercial softwares

Free softwares

  • Pure Luck: Random finger selector.
  • Simply QR: QR generator that integrates with Windows 10 at its core.

Refereed Publications

  • Xia, Meng Xuan, and Jackie Chi Kit Cheung. “Accurate Pinyin-English Codeswitched Language Identification.” EMNLP 2016 (2016): 71.

    PDF Demo

  • Xia, Meng Xuan. “Codeswitching language identification using subword information enriched word vectors.” EMNLP 2016 (2016): 132.

    PDF Demo

Unreferreed Publications

  • Xia, Meng Xuan. “Formal verification of the Brain Fuck Scheduler” (2014)

    PDF Slide

Opensource Initiatives

This blog also carries legacy notes I took for various undergraduate classes, you may find them helpful.